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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Straight Hair Is Here To Stay!

My hair will simply not lay flat!
Pops up like that!
I comb it more. My head is sore.
My mother thinks that I don't try to make it lie and stay in place, stay off my face.
She thinks that I should use some Mousse but it's no use.
My stubborn locks will need some Ox.


Now who wouldn't dream of that 'Perfect' straight hair??? Smooth and soft to touch, totally tangle free...Why is it an obsession to have a perfect straight hair? I would say, it doesn't get tangled easily which leads to less comb breakages :p he he he just kidding! To have a perfect straight hair means endless styling options. You can curl it, wave it, tie it, bun it, braid it or just let your beautiful locks down. Many suggested some crazy hair experiments.  Personally, I would recommend the Flintstones way of perfect straight hair. Just tie a heavy rock to the end of your wet hair, lay back with a book in your hand and relax till the hair is dry and straight. Be careful not to snap your neck though. But the Armageddon has now come to an END! How??? Yeah you need to Continue reading…. ;)

After coming across the End All Crazy Hair Experiments Today Contest by Sunsilk in Indiblogger, I immediately applied for a sample of Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo with Straight Lock Technology. And guess what the courier guy dropped in my mailbox!


2013-04-08 13.58.43

A beautifully packed gift hamper from Indiblogger with one 180ml Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and a 90ml Sunsilk Perfect Straight Nourishing Conditioner, YAY!

Getting a perfect straight hair after every shampoo is a miracle. I am a NO HAIR DRIER person. Just hate the way it makes the hair too dry. I naturally have a medium length wavy hair. My hair drying regimen starts with towel drying the hair and gently combing segments of hair with a flat hair brush till 90% of my hair is dry. This keeps my hair soft and wavy, instead of letting the hair to dry on its own making it little frizzy and totally out of place. So, coming back to the gift hamper….

2013-04-08 15.17.12

LOOKS: Love the colour, smooth and chic.

SMELL & FEEL: The usual lovely sweet smell of almost all sunsilk shampoos and a very creamy texture. Very smooth when massaged into wet hair and the hair is totally detangled as soon as you apply the conditioner in the lower part of your hair. Overall a very refreshing, sweet smelling after bath experience. 

BEST SUITED FOR: I would recommend this shampoo for normal, dry, damaged or wavy hair. This is not for limp, oily or curly hair.






YES IT DOES. But not the job your flat hair straighter would do. But it does reasonably result in straight hair. My hair felt soft, smooth and noticeably straight. For those who don’t want to damage your hair with hot straighter and drier but still want a straight hair, this shampoo is for you!

NO HAIR DRIER NO STRAIGHTER wet hair to straight hair effortlessly…


YES, Definitely :)



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