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Monday, 10 June 2013

Finger Millet / Ragi Puttu

Don’t they look like crumbled chocolate cake?! Again there are a very few health food I love to munch on. Somehow healthy food and me never go hand in hand. But this RAGI PUTTU is actually my favourite & I can eat this a day long.  Its really easy to prepare and tastes so good. Ragi digest slowly, so they keep you stuffed for a longer time cutting on excess munching. If you want lose those extra lbs, then ragi is your best friend.

Finger Millet / Ragi is a highly nutritious food grain rich in calcium, protein, iron, fibre & ZERO cholesterol. You can read about the benefits of ragi HERE.

Serves 2

 You Will Need:

A Cup of Finger Millet / Ragi Powder
Little Warm Water to Mix
1/4 Cup of Freshly Grated Coconut
2 Cardamom Pods (Bruised) / 1/2 tsp of Cardamom Powder
A tbsp of Sugar, Optional (Little or More)

The Cooking:

Place the ragi powder in a bowl and sprinkle little water just to bring everything together. Take some ragi and press it hard in your palm. It should hold its shape but at the same time you should be able to crumble it. Press down the ragi and let it sit for 15 – 20 mins.

Line the idly pate with wet cloth and get your idly steamer ready heating with required water. Now when you touch the ragi it will look as though it has hardened and set. But it will still be crumbly. So take little ragi and crumble them in your palm directly on the idly plates, don’t crumble too fine. If you think it has harden too much, put it in a food processor and just pulse couple of times. Steam this for 10 mins or until the ragi is not sticky and crumbly.

Transfer to a bowl and sprinkle with grated coconut,  cardamom pods and sugar and serve.

  • DO NOT add too much water and turn it to a paste. If so, add little ragi powder.
  • Am not good in grating coconut. So I always pulse pieces of coconut in a food process or in a mixer for few secs. So if you are planning to grate coconut like me, then pulse the coconut along with the cardamom pods.
Happy Cooking!


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