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Monday, 9 December 2013

Sweet / Inippu Kuzhi Paniyaram

INIPPU KUZHI PANIYARAM is my absolute favourite. These spongy little heavens make great appetizer or breakfast. But for me they are to go for at any time of the day or night. Sweet and crisp on the outside and so spongy on the inside. 

I always make them using Appam Batter. Whereas many make these with Idly / Dosa Batter, but I have never tried and I don't have the intention to do so :P I prefer the taste of Appam to idly! 

The secret to a crisp outside is FAT, oil or ghee / clarified butter (ghee gives such a wonderful aroma and taste to these). The More the better, well I tend to go overboard with the ghee usually ;)

I also make "healthy version" of these for my husband cutting down on grease completely. But Grease makes everything taste better!!! Don't you think so? 

Now I can't really say how much appam batter I use to make these. The first two days after the fermentation of the appam batter are for making Appams only. On the third day I make these paniyarams with leftover appam batter. So I can't really tell you the proportion of batter to jaggery, sorry! Use the entire batch of appam batter or leftover batter and add jaggery as required. More sweet more jaggery or less sweet less. Am on the Sweeter side btw! 

You Will Need:

Approx. 4 Cups of Appam Batter 
Approx. 1/2 Cup of Jaggery, Crumbled 
A tbsp of Water
3 - 4 tbsp of Grated Coconut (Optional, I Don't Like to Add)
1/4 tsp of Cardamom Powder
Ghee / Oil as Required

The Cooking:

In a heavy bottom sauce pan place the jaggery and water over low heat. Let it melt and come to a gently bubble. Then strain the jaggery directly into the Appam Batter.

  • The water will prevent the jaggery from burning. 
  • Do not add excess water to the batter. Once you add the jaggery the batter will thin out. 
  • Strain the jaggery to get rid of any impurities.  
Start to mix the jaggery into the batter immediately. DO NOT worry if you fine threads or streaks of jaggery that refuse to mix in. Just mix till everything is incorporated, the threads will melt away later. 

Add the cardamom powder and grated coconut. 

Heat a Paniyaram griddle on high. Spoon in ghee / oil (as much as you want) remember the more the better ;) Once its hot gently spoon in the paniyaram batter all the way to the top. Turn the heat down and cover with lid. Once you see the sides are cooked and small bubbles begin to appear on top, gently turn them over with a spoon. 

  • Cooking with lid on will help the paniyaram to raise a little and cook thoroughly in the inside. So remember, LID ON! 
No need to cover now. Let them cook for a min and scoop them off on to a serving plate. Its a MUST you eat them straight off the griddle. Never mind about burning your tongue, these are worth it! 

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Happy Cooking! 


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