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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Recharge Hair for a Romantic Escape!!!

images (4) It's been over 2 years since the exchange of our wedding vows & a blissful marriage! So plans are being made for a romantic holiday for "three", yes we are towing a baby stroller along ;) Well after all the "Baby's Coming" drama, we both needed to be somewhere quite & peaceful ( Hey, the baby's bawl does not count).
ANDAMAN was our first choice, since I have already been there some years back and loved it I wanted my husband to experience the same.

The crystal clear beaches, squishy white sand, the mangroves, the beautiful painted scenery and the exotic resorts by the bay! Ah, what can be more romantic?
images (1)So, I got my air tickets booked; my bags all packed (whoa, look at the size of that Diaper Bag!!!); got my Itinerary sorted out and have booked ourselves into a fabulous resort just few meters away from the shoreline, etc etc etc.....
images (3)Since its going to be and supposed to be a "Romantic Getaway" I have been quite bus y pampering myself at the Spa. The whole baby stuff has definitely taken its toll on me, and am desperate for some relaxing massages and some “me time”.
dry-frizzy-hairSnorkelling around and long hours on the beaches of Andaman is how we have planned this whole trip. And Sun and beach can be very harsh on your hair and I just can't tolerate sun damaged dry hair, such a turn off!!! Dry, tangled and frizzy arrggh…what’s romantic in that!

So this is where my tresses need a definite recharge. Protectionimages from the harsh tropical sunshine, endless number of dives into the deep blue and to still keep them silky and smooth for the romantic candle light dinner and later walks in the moon lit beach…of course, will be pushing the stroller along!
Recharge your Locks to lock in Romance, with Sunsilk !!! :)

Post written for Indiblogger, Recharge your Hair, Recharge your Life Contest by Sunsilk!

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