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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sigree Global Grill - Thuraipakkam, OMR

Last weekend we had a little family get together. We were 16 adults with a toddler and an infant. We wanted a nice dinner buffet, and when Googled I found SIGREE GLOBAL GRILL matching our criteria. Majority of the group likes grills, BBQs and for others we thought it would be a different experience. We booked the table in the morning. It started raining when we were about to start and a phone call to the hotel made sure we still had our tables reserved. After reaching, our table was ready to occupy and the vegetarians were asked to sit together. And their plates had a green marking. The ambiance was decent and comfortable, Nothing fancy.

The welcome drink was served. Cool, lemony and very refreshing. Every table had individual hot grills and the starters were on the way. There was a common salad for both the veggies and non veggies. Crisp lettuce, spinach and occasionally found tomatoes dressed with mayo. A replica of caesar salad sans the croutons.

Salad & cheese Balls
Welcome Drink
The vegetarian starters had thin crust cheese pizza,  cheese balls, rajma patties, grilled pineapple and broccoli, baby potatoes, paneer and mushrooms. All tasted great except for the rajma patty. Am not even sure if that's its name.

Vegetarian Starters
The non vegetarian starters had fish fingers served with mayo, grilled fish, prawns, lamb seekh kabab and two types of grilled chicken. They tasted amazing. The fish fingers were crisp and flaky, the lamb seekh kabab was just melt in the mouth. They were all perfectly cooked and succulent.

Non Vegetarian Starters

Grilled Fish

Fish Fingers

Lamb Seekh Kabab 
There was a live pasta station. We ordered penne pasta in cheese sauce and it was so yummy and cheesy. I filled my tummy with the unlimited starters and was left with room for only desserts. So I jumped on to the dessert table directly.

But before that I made a quick walk through the main course aisle and there was minestrone soup, American corn rice, chickpea Biryani, two types of paneer gravy, curd rice, papadams and Indian flatbreads ( that's all I remember). The non veggies had a fish dish which my brother said was superb and my dad liked the mutton biryani. But other than that the main course was average and when places like these offer unlimited grills & BBQs I don't really expect a fantastic main course. So it did not bother me at all.

The dessert spread was also good. They had Angoori Jamun, Moong dal halwa, chocolate chip tarts, chocolate cake, cheese cake, three varieties of mousses, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with optional butter Scotch, mango and strawberry glee and chocolate sauce for topping and finally some chopped fruits. They were all good.

Let downs:
  • The welcome drink was served only once and a second round was refused when asked.
  • The service was a little slow.
  • Fish fingers were served on their own sans the mayo and after asking couple of times the mayo arrived in the end.
  • The cheese balls too did not make a second appearance after asking couple of times.
  • The Delicious (almost forgotten) lamb seekh kabab came in the very end when we were quite done with the starters. It would have been good if it was served early.
  • We were split between two tables, and one table had some kind of bread for starters but it was not served for the other table.
Later the bills were settled and along came the feedback form. We made a couple of suggestions and remark about the service. And immediately one of the staffs came to the table and asked about the remarks that we had mentioned. Good the feedback was taken.

Sigree Global Grill

Ambiance - Comfy
Food - Excellent
Service - Can do better
Price - Pocket friendly for Unlimited Grills
Will I visit next time - Yes, Definitely!

Happy Dining!


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