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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Paneer Bhurji Paratha

Little A loves parathas. He is 9.5 months now and toothless. But you will be amazed at how those hard gums can actually break down food and chew efficiently. I made Paneer Bhurji for dinner last night and since Baby Led Weaning is all about sharing the same meals with your little ones I made Paneer Bhurji Stuffed Paratha for him. Make sure you leave out salt (additional salt is not required for babies under 1 year. Breastmilk contains enough sodium and excess is harmful for your little one's kidneys) and chili. All other spices are ok since they add flavors to your baby's portion. If you are wondering what Baby Led Weaning is please read my previous post HERE

This makes a great lunch box recipe for toddlers too.  

You Will Need:

Paneer Bhurji, Recipe HERE
Chapathi Dough (Wheat)
Ghee to smear

The Cooking:

Step 1:
Prepare the paneer bhurji according to the recipe. Instead of salt you can add a dash of lime juice. Remember to leave out chili. 

Step 2:
Roll out two chapathis from the dough and place a generous tablespoon of bhurji on to one chapathi and spread evenly. Place the other rolled chapathi over the bhurji and gently roll the top with the rolling pin sealing off the edges. 

Step 3:
Place the paratha on a hot pan and smear ghee on one side. Cook for few seconds then slip and smear the ghee on the other. Cook till the paratha is done. Cut the paratha into strips and serve on to little one's plate / tray to pick and eat. 

Happy Baby Led Weaning!


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