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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Savoury SeaShell - Anna Nagar

I have been to this place several times over the past few years. Savoury SeaShell Specialises in Arabian cuisine and they also serve North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Finger foods and varieties of milkshakes, mock-tails, Ice creams, Faloodas and Sizzlers. And recently they have also launched weekend buffets, which am dying to try out.

This time we were 7 adults with a toddler and infant. The place was packed as usual in-spite of being mid of a weekday. To begin with we ordered Cream of Tomato Soup (thats the only soup I order in any hotel) and Chicken Herb Soup. 

Cream of Tomato Soup

Chicken Herb Soup
Both the soups were Delish. Cream of tomato was rich, creamy and little sweet just the way I like it and the chicken herb was a little too much for me. But that's because I don't like herbs much but others really enjoyed it.

For starters we ordered their signature Grill Chicken & Chicken Shawarma accompanied with mayo, garlic sauce, pickled carrots and chillies and kupoos. This we have all the time and it has never disappointed us. Apart from that we also ordered fish fingers, chilli Squid fry, Tawa fried Squid cooked in coconut oil and Samak Al - Faham. 

Grilled Chicken

Fish Fingers

Samak Al - Faham

Chicken Shawarma

Squid Chilli Fry

Tawa Fries Squid 
The fish fingers were really crisp and tasty, the chilli squid was also very good but the Tawa fried squid was little hard but it tasted good. And the Samak Al - Faham was just fantastic, perfectly cooked and flaky.

They serve a number of main courses. Arabian biryani and rices, North Indian sides and flat breads, South Indian parotas and Italian pastas. But we tend to concentrate more on the starters and just order one or two mains. This time we ordered Mixed Fried Rice & Koji Samak.  

Koji Samak

Mixed Fried Rice
Both were good and I loved the Samak koji rice. They serve a fish fillet on a bed of scented rice and a gravy and chutney like side. The way to enjoy this dish is mix the fish, rice and both the gravies together. Its such  flavourful dish.

They have wide range of desserts and mock-tails to choose from. We ordered the classic Vanilla Milkshake with ice cream (my all time favourite, never let's down), Ginger Cooler, Black Lady, Cocoa Tree (this particularly I liked a lot), Mango Delight, Emirates Mock-tail, Arabian Falooda, Falooda delight, and a scoop of strawberry ice cream for the toddler.

Ginger Cooler (Carrot, Ginger & Orange)

Arabian Falooda

Black Lady (Black current)

Mango Delight (Mango Pulp, Lemon & Mint)

Emirates Mock-tail (Mango, Banana with Pista Ice Cream)
I loved all the mock-tails except the Mango Delight :( It must be named Mint Delight, a total let down. I was able to pick up only mint!

Savoury SeaShell:

Food - Excellent
Service - Good
Ambiance - Comfy
Price - Pricy but Worth Every Penny
Other Must Tries - BBQ King Prawns
Will I visit Again - Of course I have already gone there a dozen times.

Happy Dining!


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