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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bhuna Gosht - My Guest Post to My Eaterspot!

This is my first guest post and I was definitely so excited about that. One of my fellow food bloggers friend Beula Pandian Thomas, invited me to write a guest post for her food blog My Eaterspot. India's Independence day was around the corner and she is celebrating it by dedicating this whole week to Indian Food. So, Thank you so much Beula for this wonderful opportunity :) She also requested me a Non Veggie dish and I very happily obliged her. 

I made one of the most popular dishes in India....the BHUNA GOSHT! 'Gosht' is a Persian translation for meat and here I have take Mutton as the protein.  The part that makes this dish special and gives its name is "Bhuna". Bhuna means sloe cooking / frying the meat in onions, tomatoes and spices for a long time. And this part is what gives the flavour and taste the dish. It actually a very easy recipe to follow. You can cook this in a pressure cooker too but traditional method calls for gently simmering away the meat in very less oil so that they cook in their own juices. Their is nice punch form the whole garam masalas that are used and its little spicy. 

You can find the full recipe HERE in my guest blog post at My Eaterspot

Happy Cooking!


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