Thursday 25 December 2014

Winner Announced - Event + Giveaway Announcement 2015

Hey there, Welcome to my event + giveaway page. I am so excited to announce my first ever event in accordance with celebration of Shobskitchen's Facebook Page reaching 500 likes mark. I wholeheartedly thank all my readers for your support. Now coming to the event. This event will be based on a theme. You will all be submitting posts on that particular theme and I will be choosing one winner based on the creativity and authenticity of the dish.

I was thinking a lot of options but something what I have always loved and treasured are cookbooks. Hence the winner gets this lovely cookbook A PINCH OF THIS A HANDFUL OF THAT by food writer Rushina Munshaw - Ghildiyal. Such a lovely book. Its not just measurements and step by step direction but a food diary with fab recipes and stories behind them. The book features both vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes. Any passionate foodie would treasure this book.

I call it "Tradition with a Twist". I want you guys to tell me a little about yourself. Where you are from and something about your tradition and culture. So you need to blog/mail me any of your Traditional Dish/Dishes with your own innovative twist to it. Isn't that a nice way to meet varied cultures and get to know about their cuisines?

The event will run through the month of January 2015. You can start submitting your post from January 01, 2015 till January 31, 2015 Contest Closed and winner is announced!

The winner of the event will be announced on February 05, 2015 on the Facebook page as well as in this event announcement page.

The event will be open to all bloggers & non bloggers in India.

  • The recipe should signify your cultural background. Both Vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes are allowed.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • All fresh entries & archived post, must have the event logo and link it to this event page. Entries without logo & link back will not be considered.
  • Use the Inlinkz tool at the bottom of the post to link your recipes. If you have problems linking your entries, email me your recipe with "Tradition with a twist" as the subject to the given address below and I can link it for you.
  • A Mandatory Follow on any one of the following social networks
            # Facebook
            # Twitter
            # Google+

Non bloggers can send your entries via email to in the following format.

Your Name:
Your Post URL: (For Bloggers)
Name of the Dish:
Something about you and the dish:
Attaching a picture of the dish.  

So, are you all ready? I am so waiting to see you all post your wonderful recipes. If you have any further queries you can email me to the above mentioned address or drop me a message on my Facebook page.


Congratulations, SOORIYA KASIRAJH of DELECTABLE FLAVOURS for Foxtail Millit / Thinai Sakkarai Pongal. Please email me or message me your address on facebook to receive your prize!

I personally thank all the participants for participating on this contest and I really loved all the recipes you submitted. Keep cooking and Keep Blogging! Cheers.

Happy Cooking!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is self sponsored.

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