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Monday, 1 December 2014

Fish Nuggets

This is the first time I introduced fish to little A and he simply loved it. Marinating the fish keeps it soft and its easy to chew for even toothless. And my 3 yr old niece too loved it dipped in ketchup. If you have any fish / seafood allergies in your family history wait till the baby turns 1 year. While introducing any new food, offer the food for 2 - 3 days and watch for any allergic reactions or change in baby's activity. Always introduce one new food at a time. 

There is an adult version to this fish nuggets which I will be posting later.

You Will Need:

To Marinate:
Some firm fish fillets (make sure there are absolutely no bones)
Some lime juice, Replacing Salt
Some freshly cracked black pepper
Some thyme
A clove of Garlic, Grated

*Avoid, salt and sugar before 1 year

Other Ingredients:

Breadcrumbs (I always prefer homemade, thrown in torn stale bread into a food processor / mixer and pulse till coarsely ground)
1 Beaten egg
Oil to Shallow Fry

The Cooking:

Marinate all the ingredients under To Marinate in a bow for an hour.

Place the breadcrumbs on a plate. Place the beaten egg on to another bowl. Meanwhile heat oil on low.

Take a fish fillet and dip into the egg and roll over the breadcrumbs. Gently press the breadcrumbs on to the fish and shake off the excess. Repeat for all the fillets and let them rest for few mins. Shallow fry till they turn a deep golden brown colour. Breadcrumbs brown quicker so be careful not to let it fry for too long.

Squeeze over lemon juice and serve your baby / toddler.Optionally you can use yogurt as a dip for baby and mayo for toddler. 

Happy Baby Led Weaning!


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