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Monday, 12 May 2014

Custard Cake

Okay, let me tell you this first. This was a half successful attempt. I got the creme caramel  part right but totally messed up the chiffon cake. Baked this in a heavy bottom pan which I used to bake butter cakes whenever I am at my mom's place. And the pan seemed to be best friends with my butter cakes and they totally ditched my chiffon. And that's why it was only half successful.

Now, let me come to the cake part. Custard Cake or LECHE FLAN CHIFFON CAKE  a popular Filipino tea time snacks. The top layer is creme caramel  and the bottom is chiffon cake (I know you are wondering where the cake is). Its also called a magical cake, the light chiffon cake batter beautifully floats on top of the heavy custard. They don't mix together resulting in two separate beautiful layers. This cake so rich and it tasted great.

Before going to the recipe I must tell you what went wrong for me. First, like I told before I used a heavy bottom pan for baking this. They are great for butter cakes but chiffon is an absolute NO! So you can see a dense layer of cake under the caramel (its supposed to be chiffon for god's sake!) I know I will get it right with my OTG back home. Secondly, the recipe uses way too much of egg yolks and my cake was smelling too much eggs.... Yikes! And also I found the cake way too sweet for me. 

But I got to tell you its a beautiful cake. It does have quite a long process but as the name says it is magical in the end. Am gonna give this cake another try once i travel back home. With my otg, baking equipment and a little change in the recipe I know I will get it right. 

You can follow the recipe I followed or just go ahead with your favorite creme caramel recipe and chiffon cake recipe. It will work just about right. 

Ok I have just given the recipe time when I bake this cake will post the altered recipe. 

Recipe taken from Ang Sarap!!!

Happy Baking! 


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