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Monday, 6 May 2013

NAAN Bread with Yeast

After two failed attempts, I have finally got it right. NAAN BREAD with Yeast…I don’t have to talk much about naan here. I already did that in my No Yeast No Tandoor Naan post which also includes the step by step pictorial for cooking the naan on tawa. The difference between yeast naan and yeast-less naan (made with eggs, baking powder and baking soda) is very noticeable. Yeast naan definitely has that taste and chewiness, than the one without yeast. Yeast – less naan is less chewy than the former one. That is all I need to say so will get straight into the recipe.

Oh I totally forgot as for the varieties in naan, its endless.  Plain, butter and garlic naans are the most popular ones. But at my home garlic coriander, onion, chilli flakes and herb naans are the favorites  Just roll out the dough into a small circle and place in whatever stuffing you want, bring all the ends together, and roll out. As simple as that. Now again back to the recipe…

You Will Need:

450g of Plain Flour
2 tsp Active Dried Yeast
3 tbsp Oil
150 ml Warm Milk
150 ml of Yogurt
2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp of Salt
Little oil for Brushing
Ghee / Clarified Butter

The Cooking:

In a bowl, combine the milk, yogurt, oil, sugar and active dry yeast. Give a quick stir and leave it in a warm place undisturbed for about 10 mins or until the mixture has become foamy.

In a large bowl combine together the flour and salt.

Once the yeast has foamed well (its called proofing of the yeast, if its not foamy then discard and try with another batch) give it one stir with a spoon. Make a well in center of the flour and pour in the milk slowly combining all the flour and the milk. The quantity of the liquid ingredients are approx. so if the dough is too sticky knead in more flour. Or if the liquid is not enough for the flour then add little milk or lukewarm water.

Make a nice smooth dough a little sticky (not like chapatti dough). Brush the insides of a large bowl with oil and place the dough in, brushing the surface with little oil. Cover with a cling film and place it in a warm dark place to raise for about 2 hrs.

After 2 hrs the dough will double in size. Punch it down and place the dough in a floured surface. Knead the dough for about 10 mins. Think of someone you don’t like and knead ;), just kidding :p  This will make the dough firm and non sticky, resulting in a soft chewy naan and soft palms :)

Ok now make lemon sized balls out of the dough or whatever size you want your naan to be (I like mine big). Roll out the dough in a well floured surface, not too thin hmm maybe 1/2 an inch thick?!! Heat pan and once hot place the rolled naan over medium high heat. Once the sides and the center of the naan begins to form bubbles flip the naan and cook the other side. Once both the sides are cooked through generously brush the sides with clarified butter / Ghee and serve with any of your favourite sides. Mine is Paneer Butter Masala always…

Important Pointers:
  • Use good quality yeast.
  • The milk should be warm. If its hot it will kill the yeast.
  • Don’t forget your sugar, the yeast needs to feed on it to proof.
  • First time yeast users don’t be alarmed with the funny smell of yeast. If it smells the yeast is good, if its not the yeast is not working you need to discard it.
  • I like my naan cooked on a hot tawa, its more soft and chewy that way. If you like it baked in the oven, then go for it.

Happy Cooking!


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