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Monday, 27 May 2013

Shhh….It’s a Surprise!

Okay, It’s about a year since my Husband and I have been happily travelling down the road called “Marriage”, with lots of fun and love. And I have decided to share our joy of turning ONE with our family. Yes I have decided & its a total surprise for my husband. So Shhh….. ;) Since our anniversary is on an office day, I have the full advantage to do all the prep work in secrecy. Right from inviting our family from our hometown to planning the dinner menu, Its all Me! Gosh…there is so much to do, very much excited!

I prefer the dinner party to be at home, where I can cook my family favourites. To me a party is about FOOD. A rocking party will have rocking food. I took days to plan on this dinner menu which includes everyone’s favourite, even my one year old Niece. But this is not like any other party, it’s our Anniversary and it got to have some exotic taste buds tingles on the menu. Oh my god, now am stuck here :( !!! Am looking for something quick so that I don’t have to slave the whole day in kitchen on my special day and at the same time I cannot compromise on taste. But wait , what…something just hit me on the head. Oh why am I stressing when there is Kitchen Of India to help me with cooking??!! Great Indian food that are quick, easy and “I Want More”!


Kitchen of India has a whole new range of delicious ready – to – dine, Conserves & Chutneys & Masala Mixes.  You can know more about it & for online purchases, just click HERE! I have planned on a very elaborate dinner menu, consisting both vegetarian & non – vegetarian starting from appetizers to desserts and not to forgot a very special Anniversary Cake :)

Okay so get ready everyone, you are in for a mouth – watering ride!!!

As for the Appetizers; I have planned 3 ridiculously delicious finger foods. One, cheese stuffed mushrooms rolled in crunchy breadcrumbs and oven baked & served with salsa. Two; Fish Sticks, filleted fish marinated in Italian Spices rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried to be served with spicy mayo. And the No 3 contender please put your hands together for my husband’s favourite Spicy Oven Grilled Chicken Tikkaaa :D

HEY! Stop drooling, save some for main course and desserts :p

vegetable-biryani_m For the Main Course; I have put together unique combination of veg and non – veg taking a lot of help from Kitchen of India. For vegetarian I have planned on Vegetable Biryani cooked with Kitchens of India’s Vegetable Biryani Mix.  Mmmm I can already smell the flavours of biryani. 

paneer-makhani_m Well Biryani alone will not do the job, so to compliment it I have picked two Ready – to – Dine Curries. I cannot live without this curry Paneer Makhani it has to be in my list for all occasions, Kitchens of India’s Paneer Makhani Masala Mix. The second curry that goes into the list is Dal Bhukara made with Kitchens of India’s Dal Bhukara.

 And for meat lovers in my family including me, I have planned for Spicy Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani cooked with Kitchens of India’s Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Mix which will be complimented with Butter Chicken and Mutton Kolhapuri using Kitchens of India’s Butter Chicken Masala Mix and Mutton Kolhapuri Masala Mix. Biryani without Mirch ka Salan?? Never :)

MttnKolhapuri-Mix_M_3butter_chicken-mix_m_1hydcknbrni-mix_m    Mirch-Ka-Salan_1

Life is uncertain, eat desserts first!
– Ernestine Ulmer!
So, don’t forget to leave a little space in your tummy for desserts ;)
And for the desserts we have Mango pudding made with Kitchens of India’s Mango Saffron Conserve and my favourite Hazoori Petha Halwa prepared with Kitchens of India’s Ready - -to – Dine Hazoori Petha Halwa!

mango-saffron-bottle       hazoori-petha-halwa

Wow, just writing about it has made my keypad wet with drools.

Oh for the Anniversary Cake, it’s deeply chocolate cake filled and frosted with whipped vanilla frosting! And the romantic part?? It’s me who is baking it…Isn’t that great?

So what do you say? Its a definite shocker for my husband right? ;)

One year down the road, with many more dinner parties to come :)



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